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The fighting scenes are not bad, better than the 14 blades ones. But too much censored scenes and bad editing just irks the watching. Not to mention the need to have Jay Chou and Michelle Yeoh to appear in the movie. 赵文卓 is 苏粲 who braved the enemies liar with his team of soldiers and rescued some Prince. Though the Prince wants to promote him but he rejected and recommended his 义兄 袁烈 as he went back to his home town and lived with his wife and son.

Years later, Mr baddie 袁烈 is back after acquiring some 5 poision mastery skill. He is back to kill 苏粲's father who killed his father who was a baddie too, no marks for guessing that. With his new skill, he killed his father with ease. 苏粲 was at his kungfu training shop opening, by the time he knew, he rushed back to his home. Having to deal with a brother and sister, 2 KKs under 袁烈. They didn't manage to stop him thus, leading him to 袁烈. 苏粲 was no match for him, he was poisoned and injured by him but was spared when his nephew 锋儿 stopped him.

袁烈 threwed his body into the ocean, his wife 周迅 as 阿英 jumped too. In the pugislitic world, people never die when they either jumped in ocean or being thrown, this is still true in this movie. Washed to the shore, 阿英 still managed to drag him up some mountains, as usual only a feat found in the puislistic world, though she slipped at the last mintue. Don't fret, Michelle Yeoh as 余大姐, some miracle herbalist living in the mountains. She has to be there to treat 苏粲.

While the poison clears, 苏粲 tried to recover his right hand mobility and strength. Somehow that involved 2 imaginative friends, Jay Chou as 武神 and some giggling monk. This is really not needed, if need it has to got to be better ways. It is like trying to extend the length of the movie. After several rounds of sparring, it seems 苏粲 recovered his confidence and ready to get back his son. Though he didn't seems to learn any new skills. 阿英 as advised by 余大姐, knew 苏粲 seems to be "walked fired into demon" left to find his brother 袁烈 to get back their son.

苏粲 chased after but was too late, 袁烈 buried her and killed the men who did before their duel. 苏粲 defeated 袁烈, crushing through his so called don't know what armoured shield which was sewed into his skin. 苏粲 realized too late as he rushed out to find 阿英, it was too late. He couldn't face the reality of losing his wife and led a wondering begging drunkard life with his son. During one occasion where he stormed into a inn for wine, he gone into hallucination again, thus Mr Jay Chou had to appear, this time as 醉仙, do we really have to do this ? This inspired him to come up with 醉拳.

Then came when his old KK had to fight with WWE wrestlers in a death duel where he was there to watch with his son, he stepped him when his son was in danger. Entertaing action sequences but the censoring just flawed the movie. 6/10

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

This is a action fantasy with attempted comical elements in a Greek mythology style. Reviews is comparing this to Boring Potter which the director quickly disagreed. Percy is more direct, less dark, more action and more monsters. Percy is a normal kid attending school till he finds out he is a demi-god, that is when a god do it with a mortal. It was overwhelming to him though not really shown by him as the movie tries to do it in a humorous way.

Ex-007 Brosnan is a centuar hiding in modern world protecting percy, not letting him being discovered by others till Zeus suspect Percy of stealing this lighting bolt. Percy is the son of Poseidon which possesses magical power with water. Knowing that, also knowing his friend Grover is a satyr, half man half goat was quite a dramatic change in his life. From the relief teacher turning into some devious flying monstrous bat and some Giant Minotaur chasing them on their way to Camp half blood, though he managed to kill it but before it somehow dissolved his mother.

In camp, purpose is for Percy to know Luke and Athena. Ares came to camp asking Percy to hand over the lighting bolt and he will return his mother. Percy had to go to underworld even knowing he don't have the lightning bolt. With Luke's help, telling him to get 3 pearls before leading him to underworld. The pearls are the only way to get them back from underworld.

He need some help thus Grover and Athena had to follow. They overcame Medusa, Multiple headed dragons which grew more heads if you cut them off and stucked in Lotus Casino where they eaten some Lotus flowers which made them staying there. Anyway, they did reach underworld and met Ares whom still believe Percy had the bolt was furious but when Percy dropped the shield Luke gave him, the bolt was hidden there. Ares took it and told Perspehone feed them to the souls. But Perspehone tricked Ares and killed him with the bolt. She returned the bolt to Percy and freed them. But Grover had to stay since they have only 3 pearls which I believe he had a good time with Perspehone.

Back from underworld, Percy found out it was Luke who stole the bolt. He wanted to Gods to go into war. Percy prevailed and returned the bolt to Zeus thus preventing a God of war. 7/10


There seems no excitement in the movie and fighting scenes are so so nothing to shout about. Story wise seems more interested to introduce the other characters into the movie which seems disparate. Donnie Yen as 青龙 leads a group of highly skilled bodyguards serving the Emperor, they are trained from young as orphans and do not question the tasks being ordered to do.

During one mission, he was ordered to retrieve some imperial seal from some righteous officials. But another party was interested but failed while 青龙 escaped injured. 青龙 made his way to some 镖局 and requested to escort him to somewhere. Though along the way, he seems to be protecting them more than they protecting him.

He took 赵薇 as 乔花, daughter of the 镖头 in exchange of them diverting the enemies attention till he gone to his destination. He knew who betrayed him when one of the failed assasins told him. 戚玉武 as 玄武 in cahoots with the 太监 贾精忠 to steal the seal to sell to soms Prince who want to revolt. 玄武 as the bastard is inferior in so many ways as to 青龙, skills, confidence and stance, not sure why his character being protrayed this way.

And this 太监 贾精忠 is just a greedy baddie, the person to defeat is the assasin from send by the Prince, 徐子珊 as 脱脱, are we lacking words in thousand of years of chinese history ? What a name ? Maybe 睡睡 ? 插插 ? coming up. As 青龙 finds out more of the revolt plot, he met 吴尊 as 大漠判官 which is totally too modern, boyish and suave looking to be some bandits 老大. They raided some gold together prepared for the 太监 贾精忠 by the prince in some "T" city.

So it is up to 青龙 to stop the war and get back the seal in time but also to duel with 脱脱, seems wierd Donnie fighting a woman. The last fight scene was just so so. 6/10

New York, I Love You

Not your typical kind of romance movie. 11 short film together in a single movie, that meant each was real short. Not only they were short but also not along the main stream type, each story is like imagination of one can come up with.

Not to mention the huge cast of international stars starring in it, Bradley Cooper, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Maggie Q, Olivia Thirlby, Julie Christie, Shia LaBeouf, Chris Cooper, Cloris Leachman, Shu Qi, Andy Garcia, etc.

A desperate artist in search of someone worthy to be painted by him, though initially reluctant, this someone being Shu Qi, some herballist relented but too late. He died when she went to find him. Ethan Hawke as a writer trying to pick up Maggie Q while sharing a moment of smoke. His vivid description of how he can make her attaining the ultimate moment of sexual enjoyment was quite .... funny. Though it didn't really realize into action as she told him she was really a hooker.

Some of the films leave you to fathom what was the director/writer trying to achieve. A guest at a hotel had a mysterious encounter with Shia LaBeouf as a bell boy, this one was really like trying to grab you off your seat and out of reality. Then a young man prom's date ended up with a surprise relevation in the end. His date apparently was on a wheel chair but on their way back, they had their intimate moments, hard to visualize. The relevation came when she was off the wheelchair and walked right up to her door. This is a light hearted movie with love as a main theme but 11 seems too much. 6/10

Sunday, January 17, 2010


A bio drama about Mandela and his actions in bringing glory to South Africa in the 1995 Rugby World Cup so as to re-unite the blacks and the white, the national team, the springboks are all whites except one. As he attended one of the springboks game, the blacks jeered them. Even with his busy schedules and serious problems of crime and unemployment, he convinced the rugby board to retain the springboks before the World Cup.

Morgan Freeman as Mandela then meet up with Matt Damon as François Pienaar over tea. He tells him his intention of using Rugby to try to unite the nation though he didn't explicitly convey his thoughts. Pienaar understand and knows what he wants him to do. As they trained hard for the World Cup, the team was also order to be envoys to the poor, play and train with them. Though the team is reluntant and pissed with this arrangement with their tight training schedules but the results are good. Their support grew before the World Cup. Mandela flew by and attended one of their training sessions, almost greeted all of them by their names.

The first game against Australia, Mandela wearing a springbok jersey sporting number 6 enter the stadium, crowds chanting his name. They need to win in order to have any chance to go past the group stage, they did. They surpassed all expectations and meet New Zealand in the final. A match with little hope they will win as New Zealand crushed all opponents along the way, Lomu their most leathal threat, deem unstoppable. As the final starts, the whole nation was watching, both black and white. The match went into extra time locked at 12-12, a kick by Joel Stransky sends the crowd into delirous as SA won the World Cup. A scene outside the stadium seeing white police officers celebrating with a black boy, as the game progress and black boy and the officers turned from hostile to neutral to peace and then cheering like friends. An inspirational drama which probably raised your will that you can do anything for a while, soon after is back to reality. 7/10

Sherlock Holmes

I believe no one's memories of sherlock holmes will be like the one in the movie. This is so lock stock barrel style and snatch style, to do this, this sherlock guy must change to suit this kind of movie. I don't have much mermory of how sherlock needs to be, thus it doens't really affect me. Movie started with action rightaway, horse carriage chasing Robert Downey as Sherlock, he evaded them and met up with Jude Law as Dr Watson. They manage to stop a human sacrifice where this baddie Mark Strong as Lord Blackwood is doing. SM saved W from a shard where Blackwood usually used. Then the police came and led B away.

B scheduled to be executed 3 months later. Meanwhile, SM is bored without any case. W told SM that he have plans to marry Mary and will probably won't be working with him anymore. Then came the day of execution, where B requested to see SM and told him that there will be 3 more deaths. B was hanged and pronouced dead by W. Soon after that, SM met with Rachel Mcadams as Irene, a con woman which SM likes. She asked SM to find a man for him and gave him a sum of $. SM trailed her in disguise and found she was with a man.

3 days after B was executed, police informed that his tomb was shattered. SM and W arrived to the tomb area, there they found the body in the coffin was a red hair midget. SM found a pocket watch and then from it, found the home of the midget. In there, there were chemical experiments and also came 3 thugs, arriving to destroy the evidences. A fight ensued which SM and W were victorious but both were led away by police for property damage. Mary came to bail W but SM was led away to some house, apparently like the HQ of the temple of the four order. Their leaders Sir thomas and Lord coward, told SM that B was a former member. Though SM was blindfolded all the way, as the so good SM, he told every single details of what he hear and smell, thus deducing who they were. He rejected their offer to take down B and rather pursue the case in his own interest.

As SM and W investigate more, 2 senior members died, one in a tub and one burnt to death in spontaneous combustion mode. B during one of the order meeting took power, revealing Lord Coward as his ally. B wants the order to force England to retake United States. While LC issued a warrant on SM, SM and W went to an industrial slaughterhouse after finding more clues. At there, they were forced to save Irene at a conveyor belt but while escaping, SM escaped a explosive blast but W kena. SM hid himself and think of what B's plan was. Somehow he wanted to cast a spell on Sphinx, and its animal constituent are ox, man, eagle and lion. The last, lion will be the british parliament. Knowing that. SM allowed the police to capture him thus leading him to LC. LC abi too LL, told SM of B's plan at the parliament. SM then escaped by diving into River Thames.

W recovered. SM, W and Irene went into the sewers of the Parliament. They found the device where B going to use to inject deadly gases into the parliament. While Irene try to remove the part of the device that will deliver the gas, SM and W dealth with more baddies. Then the final showdown between SM and B happen at Tower bridge, SM won. Irene told SM that tha man she was with was Professor Moraity, as brilliant as him but more pai lang. Overall, it was entertaining with action and as what detective mysteries do, they will explained what happens later on things you though how can it be and with some humour. 7/10

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

I cannot remember whether did I really watch the chipmunks as a cartoon when young but I doubt so. But now with CGI, they are alive, not to forget the so cute and so adorable, Theodore !! Story wise revolving round Dave sending the chipmunks to school and previous scrupulous manager Ian Hawke bouncing back with his plot to down the chipmunks. And more chipmunks in the form of females chipettes, sending the chipmunks's heart thump thump thump.

As Dave is recovering in a Paris Hospital after an accident in their Paris concert, he asked Aunt Jackie and cousin Toby to take care of the chipmunks. But Aunt Jackie herself was admitted to hospital following an accident at the airport, so it is Toby with the chipmunks. The fun came when the chipmunks goes to school, not to study of course. They got too popular with the girls which the guys are jealous and taught them a lesson, simon got dunked in the toilet bowl, theodore got pinned on a wall though alvin did got back at the guys. The principal didn't expelled them because very much she is a huge fan, deep down inside.

She told the chipmunks to represent the school in a music competition for $25,000 and with that money, it could save the school's music department. They agreed. Meanwhile, Ian chanced upon the female chipmunks which sing of course, conning them into believing he is the good guy. He convinced them he will make them famous, the singing chipettes. But he need to make them known first and he heard of the school competition, barged in and convinced the principal that the chipmunks and chipettes should have a performance, whoever got the loudest applause will represent the school.

Alvin got close to the guys and they got him into their football. He missed the competition after going to the celebration following winning the football game, this really pissed Simon and Theodore who felt he is drifting away from them, Theodore is really sad and left home though his note is not really convincing, telling them he is at the zoo. They patched up after Alvin saved him from the eagle. Ian got his attention he wanted, his previous company agreed to let the chipettes performed. But Ian got carried away, he only wanted Britney who sang better and got a better overall figure, Jeanetter and Eleanor were not needed. They refused to perform if not together, so Ian caged them. Britney managed to call Alvin, telling them to perform for them for the school. The chipmunks saved the day. 7/10

Sunday, December 27, 2009


This movie comprises a star-studded cast and huge budget mostly spend on building the 1906 HK central district replica. The cast 粱家辉, 甄子丹, 谢霆锋, 黎明, 李宇春, 范冰冰, 曾志伟, 任达华, 胡军, 王学圻, 王柏杰, 张学友 and 李嘉欣. Though 李嘉欣 appeared like for 3 seconds, she was supposed to be the one whom 黎明 as 刘郁白 loved but too bad, it was his dad's wife. Since that unfortunate incident, 刘郁白 led his life as a beggar. 张学友 as a lecturer, the 2nd least screen time, the one who started the movie, was assasinated while he walked down the stairs with his students.

Plot wise was based on historical records where the mission was to protect Mr Sun long enough so that he can meet the different FQFM leaders from other states/provinces. So once 梁家辉 as 革命党's 陈少白 know Mr Sun is arriving at HK, he started to gather $ and people for this mission. But the Qing imperial also wants to take this chance to eliminate Mr Sun, send his best candidate 胡军 as 刺客阎孝国. The first hour of the movie was mainly talking and building up the mood for the FQFM's holistic objective. In addition, halfway 陈少白 was captured by 阎孝国 after his men killed all the 戏班's people. They were led by 任达华 as 方天, whom was previous soldiers. The most qualified candidates were wiped out.

With 陈少白 temporary out, his best friend 王学圻 as 商人李玉堂 unwillingly took over. But as his newspaper office got shutdown by the local police, led by 曾志伟 as 探长史密夫, he became more involved and even more determined to protect Mr Sun. As he gathered people for this sucidie mission, he felt very conscience-ridden, like held in between the bigger picture and sacrificing people. As they get ready for D-day, 陈少白 managed to escape and return to 李玉堂. He mention to him so as to increase the success of the mission, they will need a substitute for Mr Sun. But as they draw lots, to boost the entertainment of the movie, the one who drew must be 李玉堂's son, 王柏杰 as 少爷李重光 who was also supporting FQFM. Both didn't tell 李玉堂 about this though 陈少白 is guilt-ridden.

甄子丹 as 赌徒沈重阳 is one of the local police who helped 阎孝国's people killed 戏班's men. 沈重阳 was 范冰冰 as 妾侍月茹 ex-husband, his gambling habits made her leave him with their daughter for 李玉堂. Knowing 李玉堂 will be involved for the mission, 侍月茹 convinced 沈重阳 to protect him by telling him the daughter is his, he should do something right so that in future she could tell their daughter, her father is 沈重阳. 谢霆锋 as 车夫阿四 worked for 李玉堂, his character is simple, never study but keen to learn and likes the 照相馆's owner's daughter. 李玉堂 did arranged the marriage before the mission.

D-day came, it lasted quite a while, the whole action sequence from Mr Sun arriving, the people protecting him, the main cast dying one by one, 阎孝国's team trying to assasinate, 李宇春 as 戏班女方红 avenging for his dad, 刘郁白's new look and almost invincible stopping countless baddie from advancing, 沈重阳 crashing himself against 阎孝国's horse, etc

Not to forget, not sure how he got his beggar like Lion King hair rebonded. Though abit heavy, overall it is quite entertaing. 8/10

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar 3D

Touted as the most anticipated movie of the year. The guy behind this, James Cameron who was behind Titantic, still the world's most grossed movie. Avatar was like his baby, 12 years in the making.

With both actual persons and 3D characters in an Epic told on the planet of Pandora, the plot, scripts, the native language and 3D effects.

He used motion capture animation technology to create photo realistic computer characters, this also allow him to see both the actual actors and 3D characters in real time thus able to make any immediate adjustments.

Humans are on Pandora. Their aim is to colonize the planet where unobtainium is abundant, this mineral sells for $20 million per kilo. But there are a few problems, first humans can't breath on Pandora. The most difficult problem is the native Na'vi, an indigenous sentient humanoid race who are considered primitive by human standards, yet are more physically capable than them. Their home on a gigantic tree is the ground where the source of unobtainium is.

The Avatar program is to create genetically engineered human-Na'vi hybrid bodies, also integrated with human genes. Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine, is the head of the program. But she has a problem, ths cost of these Avatars is high and their main objective is to link them between the humans and the native Na'vi. But the Na'vi treated these hybrids with contempt and mistrust. Sam Worthington as Jake Sully, the main guy in the movie, a retired marine. His brother, a scientist who worked on the Avatar program as killed. Thus, he signed up as his avatar should be able to gel with similar genes. He came to Pandora with Joel David Moore as Norm Spellman, a biologist.

The humans volunteer sleep in capsules to control their Avatar. When the Avatar sleeps, the humans go back to their normal lives, sounds familiar, like Surrogates. Jake's first attempt to control his Avatar simply thrilled him as he is able to walk and run, something which he can't do now. His first field trip out with Grace wasn't something he expected, he found himself facing creatures from Pandora.

The Hammerhead Titanothere, this massive creature extremely territorial and hierarchical but is not predatorious. Jake standing still seems to appease these creatures.

But soon came the Thanator, the fiercest panther like creature in Pandora, inject fear into all creatures on Pandora. He fled upon Grace's advice and though manage to stay alive, he was lost.

Into the night, he was attacked by Viperwolves. They are swift, moved in a pack and had great sense. Though Jake seems to have the upper hand earlier, there was too many of them. Zoe Saldaña as Neytiri, the Na'vi princess came and saved him. This character as all Na'vi are computer generated. He brought him back as Eywa seems to spoken. Facing her parents and their people, Neytiri's mother, Mo'at asked Neytiri to teach Jake to be one of them, Tsu'Tey, their finest warrior strongly dislike this idea. On the other hand, Jake was asked by Colonel Miles, to gather information advantagous to them in the event an hostile attack is needed. Jake is in some sort of triple 无间道, gaining trust within the Na'vi, helping Grace and also Miles.

As his time in Na'vi grew, he fell in love with Neytiri. Eventually he passed the training and test, bonding with an Ikran, a must for all Na'vi warriors. It is dangerous as the person as to entered the Ikran territory, facing numerous of them and choose the one that he believes can bond with him. As he failed to convince the Na'vi to move and in one of the human's mining work, Jake attacked one of the machine which was captured by the cam. James, the administrater gives the order to attack the hometree, thinking Jake betrayed them. Miles lead the first hostile attack and successfully brought down the hometree, leaving the Na'vi fleeing. Grace and Jake before they could explained was taken off their Avatar and held captive in Hell's gate. Neytiri was very angry as she felt betrayed by Jake.

Trudy, a retired marine pilot who flew Grace and co frequently in their trips managed to rescue them, taking one of the mobile station and went deep into the Na'vi forest. But Grace was shot while they escaped, with the capsule in the mobile station, Jake is back to his Avatar and hopes to regain the trust of the Na'vi by taming the mother of all ikran which he did. Flying it in and he managed to convince the Na'vi whom still mourning death of Neytiri's father. Jake vowed to fight the humans along with the Na'vi. He also asked Mo'at to save Grace, transferring her life to the Na'vi body but it was too late, as her life was too frail.

Her death really pissed Jake off. As he boost the morale of the Na'vi and gathered more help here and there, preparing for the final showdown. It was a battle between the pursuits of greed through hostility and the fight for their own land and freedom. As Miles and his troops advance from air to the hanging mountains, they waited as the Na'vi prepared themselves on land and in the air. With Jake leading Tsu'Tey and Neytiri, they seems to have a upper hand as their determination to stop this invasion is strong. But as the battle continued, they are overpowered by the fire power. As Tsu'Tey scacrified to stop them from dropping the crates of bombs and Neytiri's ikran got shot down, she was faced with troops and AMPs, it seems the end of Na'vi was impending. Of course, they won't die, if not, how to do a sequel if it earns loads of $ worldwide. 8/10

Friday Lunch@Wild Honey

A new place in the ever growing Orchard area. This place serves numerous type of breakfast all day, located at the recently opened Mandarin Gallery. Good place for people who like to have breakfast like food anytime of the day. The main breakfast items mostly ranged from $18 to $24, not cheap at all. The English and New York looks good. You get to see the pictures in a iPhone at the ordering counter.

This is my Wild Mocha Dulce ! I like it but just a bit sweet, maybe of the honey.
Nice mix of right expresso and chocolate, not too overwhelming. The banoffee brulee taste as nice, great for those who wanted something cold.

The NY comes with those small and juicy tomatoes, scrambled eggs with tuna I think and bagel with cheese. The English has more stuff, potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, scrambles eggs and some salsa like dips with beans in it. Other than they are pricey, nothing really fantastic about the food. The breakfast I had at Sala Phuket beats this. But being at a prime location, probably will attract its fair bit of customers or tourists willing to pay the premium for all day breakie.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

风云 II

Certain scenes was shot in bluescreen, if you have watched 300, it will be something like that. No wonder it looked fake, comic like but lucky not all scenes are like that. This 2nd instalment is very CGI effects laden. Movie started with 东瀛霸主 绝无神 capturing the emperor of 神州, 步惊云, 上代武林神话-无名 and some ka xiao. They kena some 麻香毒 which weakens them but 无名's ka kia is able to give them some antidote in time. They break free but 步惊云 who sprung towards 绝无神 and dealt him a blow which felt nothing to him, his 杀拳 injured Mr Bu.

Then 聂风 came, his 风神腿 also has no effects on 绝无神. 无名 behind was preparing to dealt his most powerful move, 万剑归宗. The CGI was for this was nice and the 酝酿 for him to unleash it towards 绝无神 was not bad, 绝无神's 不灭金身 blocked all his 剑 with the last one piercing all the way through his shield. Eventually, 绝无神 prevailed, then the rest of the ka xiao tried their luck, then in the mid of the chaos, 步惊云, 聂风 and 无名 fled. 无名 is injured, asking 风云 to go find 邪皇, someone 无名 thinks can defeat 绝无神. But this 邪皇's is wierd, rarely involved in any pugilistic matters.

风云 knelt in front of the cave, begging 邪皇 to come out but to no avail till 第二梦 came, who he really dotes on. 第二梦 and 楚楚 are the 2 persons who have fixed opening lines, their words always starts with "风大哥" and "云大哥". 邪皇 did came out but he is already without both his arms, he cut them off years back when he couldn't control the demonic force within himself when trying to train the demonic way. He advised the only way to increase internal strength fast is to go the demonic way. 风 was chosen and he agreed to do it. 风 ask 云 to kill him if he is nto able to control the demon.

While 风 trained under 邪皇, 云 went to Ling Ying temple upon 无名's request but only to be attacked by a masked man. This duel somehow invoked 云's ability. The masked man is 无名, he wanted to impart 云 his 剑法 which 云 did and also added his own 悟性, thus coming out with a new 剑法. And obviously 无名 don't know how to write, named the 剑法 as "云十"剑法, Mr Bu even answered he doesn't know how to read this word, 无名 says "It is not a known word, he just written it out of seeing how his new 剑法 was formed".

云 returned to the cave but was too late as 风 break out of his training to save 第二梦. But 云 was asked by 邪皇 to go to another cave to stop 绝无神 who is finding the 龙骨 which somehow determine the 命脉 of 神州.

He came in time and with his new 剑法 and 无名's 一成功力, 云 was able to fight 绝无神, almost. This scenes also have some nice CGI effects.

Then 风 came, in his demonic form, weaving this 魔刀, sometimes fighting 云 and sometimes against 绝无神. Eventually, 风 cut off 绝无神's arm and 云 piercing through his body. With him dead, seems no more story. All left was 云 trying to save 风 from permanently 入魔. The last battle was abit too long and ended abruptly. 7/10


This movie is different from other zombie movie. It is a comedy but not that other zombie movies are not comedy but very few, at least I have not watched one before this. Life rated 4 stars for this, that elevates this from "should watch" to close to "must watch". But probably more zombie killing will makes this more entertaining.

Columbus is one of those surviving after America suffered the zombie apocalypse, some virulent form of mad cow disease. It not really slapstick and has some really funny moments. Columbus goes by his rules of survival in this zombieland, clearly shown out on screens to the audience, in action and words splashed across the screen. Along the movie, some lower priority rules were also reminded and new ones added. His car brokedown along his way to the Ohio, to check whether his parent is still alive. He Tallahassee, seemingly some zombie killing experts, they travelled together.

They stopped at a grocery store where they enjoy some zombie killing spree. Tallahassee has been searching for his twiggie, a sponge like cake with creams in it, one of his way of enjoying the little things in life.

He didn't find it but found 2 sisters, Wichita and little rock. They were conned into handing over the weapons and car. Wichita is bringing little rock to LA, some theme park saying without any zombies.

The guys walked and TCSS, found a hummer.

They drove then met the girls again. And got conned again, to hand over the weapons and car. Columbus then suggest a compromise and travelled together. Along the way, the stopped by some souvenior store where they smashed up everything. Wichita blurted that Ohio was already burnt to ground, that somehow like broke Columbus's hope but he realised his new hope is Wichita, whom he liked.

Before reaching LA, Tallahassee brought them to Bill Murray's house. Somehow don't understand why this part of the plot is needed, they spend some time there, bonding, Wichita also realised she has feelings for Columbus. Forget to mention, Bill Murray did appear as himself, posing like zombie. Columbus shot him :) Then the girls left again, heading to the amusement park. They found it and yes ... no zombies ... but before they turned on all the lights. Zombie from far saw and headed towards there. They got themselves stucked in the vertical shoot up ride.

Time for the guys to be heroes. One of the rule Columbus has to break. 7/10

Case 39

Case 39 is weak. I didn't read the storyline before seeing this movie. But as the movie starts, you can know the plot. Renee Zellweger is Emily, some social worker but deals more with family problems. Though already piled up with so much work, her boss needs to work over and hand her case 39, opening up the file shows a sweet and innocent young girl picture, Lillith, at that instance, you know she will be the total opposite. The funny part is it takes quite a long while to pave the path for the audience to know what was wrong with the girl.

Then in between before she knew and when she know, the movie employes cheapskate scaring tactics, sudden knock on doors, office partition, car window to scare people, this usually will work but too much makes it seems quite bo liao. The case was brought to social services because Lillith's grade drop very badly and reportedly couldn't sleep at night.
Seeing her parents gives you a more creepy feeling, it tries to mislead the audience that the parents can be bad, but from a plot point of view, this doesn't drive at all.

So we waited till things unfold, upon investigations, Emily didn't find anything suspicious that the parents could be harming Lillith but she gave Lillith her house number, just to be sure. Without evidence, Emily couldn't do anything, she even seek help from her police friend, Mike but to no avail.

She called one night. Emily rushed over and frantically she called Mike who came over. And they stopped her parents from burning Lillith alive in the oven. With this, the parents are put behind bars, the mum going into a mental institution and dad into prison. Emily's psychologist friend, Doug who liked her was providing help for Lillith's aftermath. Then something different came about, Emily became personally involved, she was touched by Lillith's plight and pleas. And requested for her to stayed with her, something not allowed in her line of work. You know "things" are happening soon ....

Then it started. A boy at her counselling class and also school was found clobbering his parents to death, though the process wasn't shown, the blood on the bed explained it. Then traces show Lillith called him at the night of the crime which she deny. Emily became suspicious and of course freaking out at the same time, she visited Lillith old house to get some stuff and saw her parent's room door have signs of multiple locks, dragging signs on the floor, etc. She was thinking the parents was bastards and doesn't allow Lillith to come in at night.

When Emily found out Lillith did make the call, she wanted to seek some truth. She went to see her parents, her mum not in a state of sanity, so only the dad can share something. Truth is out, she is some demonic thingie or whatever. She feeds on people's fear and somehow makes them see their fear which usually causes death. And she hops from targets to targets. Now Emily is really "Lao Green Shit", Lillith also knew she visited her dad. She started to show signs of confirm not the "sweet and young innocent" girl". She "free drop" the lift with Emily and her in it when Emily disallow her to go to school anymore. When emily locked herself up in the room at night, Lillith's demonice banging on the door starts, now she can related why the parent's room got multiple locks and cabinet dragged to block the door.

Liked the scene where Doug so called interview Lillith, quite creepy. She protrayed a young girl initimidating an adult, even one as a SME, quite well. Soon after that, Mr Doug died, felling to his death in his own toilet by hoards of hornets, probably before he could laid Emily. The last one to die ... must be Mike. He died before he can help emily to "kill" Lillith. The boss didn't die because he has to Emily and tell her Mike was dead. Anyway, she did get rid of her in the end. 6/10

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ninja Assassin

A must watch for rain hardcore fans. Reportedly endure months of yucky food and daily of training to prepare for this movie. Rain is Raizo, some kid who was kidnapped as a child by some Ozunu Clan.

They trained assassins from young and then ripped rewards when they were hired to kill. But then rain can't be a baddie for his first movie, so he fled halfway after the one he loved, also from the clan was killed after being captured after escaping.

Raizo then found Mika, some europol agent who somehow can linked all the historical investigations of murders and killings with ninjas. As she and her boss dwelled deeper, they were hunted by ninjas, of course. Raizo found her and saved her. Asking her to help him find the Ozunu Clan but that didn't really need to work as they were finding both of them.

Lots of slashing, blood gore, limbs and hands flying around, halved heads and bodies. The blood still looked CGI but definitely much more realistic than the movie Blood. Mika's boss Ryan, bluffed her into getting Raizo to meet him but captured him. To no avail, the Ozuno clan came quickly, the agents/soilders were no match. Simply just there to be killed. Mika manage to free Raizo in time who saved her but he was badly injured.

They had a plan, letting the Ozuno clan captured Raizo but a tracking device allows the europol to track the location of the Ozuno HQ. Raizo recovered along the way by just doing some hand gestures with his palms closed, the sword wound looking like few foot long hot dog buns being cut opened just healed like that, "ninjaly".

At the HQ, it was final showdown between Takeshi and Raizo. Takeshi is the leader of the team send to get Raizo, also the one that killed his lover. He didn't die pretty definitely so did the teacher, Lord Ozuno. 7/10

A Christmas Carol

Robert Zemeckis's 3rd performance capture animation after Polar Express and Beowulf. This is in 3D as well. The 3D effects was quite abundance. Jim Carrey first appearance in a Disney film and also voice multiple characters in the movie. Christmas always gives a very nice, soothing and joyful feel, like a time to give and share.

The plot is nothing new as it is re-telling the Charles Dicken novel. JC is Ebenezer Scrooge, a guy who simply doesn't believes christmas. He refuses to visit his nephew, Fred, for the christmas dinner and had to asked his employee Bob to beg for day off during christmas, not to mention he is underpaid.

That night, Scrooge's previous business partner visited him, problem is he is dead. He warned him that he will be haunted by 3 spirits of Christmas. Ghost of Christmas Past is the also JC. This is the first spirit who brought him back to his past, the times he spend in boarding school where his father neglected him over the holidays. Finally his sister brought him home, then died after giving birth to Fred. Scrooge then became successful in doing his money lending business and also met Belle, his love. But it ended with her leaving him, as he became obesessed in growing his own wealth. He couldn't watched anymore and extinguished this spirit.

Then came Ghost of Christmas Present. This spirit showed him all the happiness of his nephew and employee Bob. Even though Bob can only eat Goose and also tending to a sick son, Tim. It showed them living happily within their means, their commitment to Christmas touches Scrooge. Before the spirit leaves, it warned him of him becaming a despicable individual. Lastly is Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, he saw what resulted of his greed. Tim died, he also died with Fred inheriting his wealth and even his maid robbed him after his death. He is devestated and awoken on his bed.

Still in time to ends well, he changed and starts to share and give. Immersed himself in the joyful moments of Christmas. 7/10